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Tubemate apk latest 2018 version available now for download.

Tubemate apk latest version release in 2018 with new features and a better user interface. When it comes to downloading Youtube Video, the Tubemate is the best application that offers the download features. Now you no longer need to stay connected to your internet to watch your favorite youtube videos. Merely get the Tubemate apk latest 2018 version on your android device and download all the youtube videos on your device. You can enjoy your favorite videos without needing internet connectivity. During your travel, you might not find internet connectivity in the remote location. In such condition, you cannot have any entertainment stuff.

The Tubemate enables you to download the youtube video collection on your device and use them during the travel without needing the internet connectivity. The downloaded videos are stored in the device memory. You can also share the videos with your family and friends.

How to use the Tubemate App?

Using the Tubemate application is easy. You can search for the video that you want to download on your device and find the download button at the bottom of the video. Once you click on the download button, the application will prompt you to choose the resolution and the video quality. You can choose the quality as per your choice. The local quality video takes less time to download compared to the HD quality videos. You will get various resolution options including 1920×1080, 1280×720, 640×360, 176×144, etc. Moreover, you can also choose the file formate during the download. The MP4, MP3, WEBM, OGG, etc. file format are available in the Tubemate application.

You can choose the preferred file format according to your device. Check what file your device supports and get the video downloaded on your device.


1) It is one of the applications on the android store that gives you instant download to the youtube videos.

2) The interface is similar to the Youtube page which makes the users comfortable during the download. The new user can also easily surf the app the way they use the youtube channel.

3) The download file is render using various servers at your location which makes the download process faster. You can download a large size file easily on your device without worrying about the internet speed.

4) Pause and resume the video as per your choice. You get complete control over the download. You can pause the file on one connection and continue it later on other internet connection. It saves your time during the download and doesn’t have to begin the download again from the start. The download will be resumed from where it left.

5) You get various options for video resolution. You can choose from 240p to 60p video quality. The application also allows you to download high definition videos such as 1080p. You can decide the quality during the download and get the videos on your device. Remember the HD quality video will have a large size so download might require high-speed internet as well as sufficient storage on your device.

Get Tubemate apk latest 2018 version today and start enjoying the features.


Bandcamp downloader android app for the music download.

Bandcamp downloader for android operating system gives you immense opportunity to download all the songs published on the Bandcamp community. When you are on the Bandcamp website, you find a various form of music created and shared by the artist. Songs are filtered using the different categories and genre which makes download easy. Once you found your favorite music and willing to download it on your device, you can click on the download song link to get the song downloaded on your device. Each song file will have some cost. After paying that cost, you will receive an email from the Bandcamp with the download link. You can download the song instantly on your device. The downloading song is quite simple from the Bandcamp website.

Although, people who need bulk download might not find it interesting. Downloading one song at the time seem time-consuming affair. You need something that allows you to download the song in bulk without requiring you to go to the website over and over again.

This is where the Bandcamp downloader android application comes in place. There are many third-party applications available in the market that makes the download process simple. You just need to use this application on your device to add the different album or multiple songs at the time and keep it in the background for the downloading. The Bandcamp downloader android app works seamlessly and provides easy access to all the music files available on the official Bandcamp website.

 How to download Bandcamp songs?

Once you decide to the download the particular album from the Bandcamp, you just need to go to the song page. On that page find you will find the link named Buy digital album. The link indicates you have to pay the mentioned price to get the full album downloaded on your device. When you click on the Buy digital album link, it will open the popup window where you can mention the given price or pay addition as per your choice. If you believe the song create deserve to get paid more than what he has proposed for the song, then you can just choose the amount that you are willing to pay and make the payment.

Once you are done with the payment, you will receive the download link in your Bandcamp portfolio as well as it will be sent to your email id. You can follow the download link and choose the format of the file and get the song downloaded on your device. Downloading songs on the Bandcamp is easy.

Download Bandcamp albums on your device and enjoy your favorite music on the go. Once you have downloaded the songs on your device, you can share it with your friends and family. You don’t need internet facility to play the songs.

You can also use the official application of the Bandcamp downloader android. The app gives you a wide range of features that you can use to listen to the songs, download the songs, rate the artist, etc. Get the Bandcamp downloader android app and start using it.

The Big Holiday Decision: Xbox One or PlayStation 4?

Feeling like you haven’t had this much trouble making a decision since Leno and Letterman first went head-to-head?
That’s okay, the debut of the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles — conveniently just in time for the holidays — means countless people just like you are also debating which to buy for the very psyched gamers in their families. Both represent a big leap in graphics, speed and intelligent personalization. Both have tons of games sure to please.
That said, a Forbes reviewer was dead-on when he wrote: “Both consoles are going to appeal to different gamers.” Here’s what you need to know:
* Cost. The starting price for Sony’s PlayStation 4 ($399.99) is $100 less than Microsoft’s Xbox One ($499.99). But while the latter ships with Microsoft’s powerful new generation of Kinect motion and voice sensor — which can even read a player’s heart rate just by looking at his face — you’ll have to pay $60 extra if you want the PlayStation Eye camera.
* Overall Emphasis. Microsoft is touting the Xbox One as an “all-in-one entertainment system” that brings games, movies, music, sports and live TV together in one place, and says it “really does feel like some elaborate piece of home theater gear.” Sony, on the other hand, is playing up what the Guardian’s tech columnist calls its “sheer variety of gaming experiences.”
Saryn Prime it all comes down to personal preference.
Sony has done yeoman’s work in upgrading its new DualShock 4 controller to include more precise analog sticks, a touch pad, a light-sensor bar and a “share” button. And while Microsoft obviously didn’t feel the need to mess much with its classic design, says the Xbox One’s new impulse triggers “could make first person shooters that much more immersive.”
* Games. Ah, yes, the games. Each console has an impressive list of exclusive titles. PlayStation 4’s include sci-fi blaster “Killzone: Shadow Fall” and family-friendly adventure “Knack.” Among the Xbox One’s collection: super-sleek driving simulator “Forza Motorsport 5,” zombie romp “Dead Rising 3” and gladiator-themed “Ryse: Son of Rome.”
Still unsure? You could always head over to the nearest GameStop store ( to see which consoles and games the true aficionados are buying. As of early November, the retail giant’s “first to know” mailing list for both consoles had more than — are you ready? — 2.2 million subscribers.
“People can’t wait to get their hands on them,” says Tony Bartel, president of GameStop.

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